Session Shield

Session Shield secures your desktop

Session Shield is a secure desktop solution that creates a session in which all data created or edited while running Session Shield is erased upon exit. All files generated, accessed or modified are put in a secluded layer, so that no trace of the activity during the session will remain on the computer after the session ends. This technology is ideal for secure browsing and for preventing leaks of sensitive data. Inside the tool, you are able to use many existing applications on your computer (see the list of compatible applications), access and edit data currently on the machine, and create new data. When you exit the session, all of these changes will be erased to ensure your data is protected.


Records of your activities on the Internet, including browsing history and data entered on web-based sites, are stored on your computer and by the sites you visit. While this increases your browsing speed and enables websites to deliver relevant content, it does put your data and privacy at risk of being exposed. When you want to remain anonymous, or when accessing sensitive information, use Session Shield to ensure that these records of your activities aren't stored on your computer.

Through the use of a proxy Session Shield is able to mask your IP address so that your activities are not associated with your true identity. In addition, cookies, browsing history, and additional browser records will be cleared from your computer when you exit the secure session. This will allow you to securely access confidential data, such as medical records, social media sites, or bank records.


Employees and end users have more access to secure data than ever before. From reviewing sales forecasts to retrieving financial records, the data available to you is growing, as is the risk of that data leaking out. Malicious users are obtaining access to this data on a more frequent basis than ever before. Session Shield provides you with a safe environment for accessing sensitive or confidential data. You are able to download and edit files, or create new files, and all documents will be erased when you exit the secure session.


Corporate data stored on web applications is available to employees on any device anywhere. Through the GEARS dashboard administrators are able to create automated workflows for end users that are accessing sensitive data. Using Session Shield with a defined proxy allows you to establish a specific IP address that users must come from in order to access specific sites (i.e. Salesforce) to ensure that access to corporate data is secure and non-transferable. Administrators are able to control Session Shield setting such as:

  • Use of a proxy, either a randomly chosen one or your own
  • Prevent access to data if the device is infected with malware
  • Limit use of any peripheral devices (i.e. printers, network share drive, or removable media) during the secure session
  • Launch a specific process when the secure session begins

By securing the workflow, you are more able to control the data employees and end users have access to, and what they do with that data.

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When to use Session Shield

  • Viewing sales forecasts
  • Retrieving financial records
  • Viewing customer data
  • Reviewing medical records
  • Accessing social media sites
  • Securely accessing corporate networks remotely
  • Downloading and editing confidential files