Easily monitor and secure your computer with GEARS

Improve device security

Monitor your protection software applications and their status, and detect and remove unwanted applications

GEARS helps you keep your device secure by showing you the applications installed and their protection status. You'll see whether your antivirus is enabled and whether the virus definitions are up-to-date, whether you have encryption software protecting your data, and whether your operating system and browsers are up to date to protect you against known vulnerabilities.

The recent beta addition of OPSWAT’s AppRemover technology allows Windows users to quickly and easily uninstall expired or unwanted antivirus and antispyware applications, as well as potentially unwanted applications like peer-to-peer file sharing clients and toolbars. Similar functionality is planned for Mac users in mid-2015.

Detect infections

GEARS looks at the threats detected by your installed antivirus plus scans your running processes with 40+ anti-malware engines

GEARS also helps you detect infections on your computer by using more than 40+ antivirus engines from leading antivirus vendors such as McAfee, Symantec and ESET to scan your device for malware that might be missed by your installed antivirus software.

Securely access your data

GEARS ensures you can view your confidential data securely

Session Shield offers Windows users a secure desktop solution that allows sensitive files to be downloaded and edited, but leaving no trace of the activity on the computer after the session ends. 

For even more features, including managing multiple devices, sign up for a GEARS account and manage your devices from the cloud.

To learn about the technologies and SDKs that power GEARS, please visit www.opswat.com. Contact us at opswat.com/about/contact-us to discuss licensing of these technologies as well as white-labeling opportunities for GEARS.

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for windows 7 and above (32 bit and 64 bit). internet explorer 9 or higher

for Mac OSX 10.8 and above